Emmpix Photography began over 10 years ago with a desire to capture the bond between horse and rider. You may know Emma through her photographs but she has had a passion for painting since childhood and has studied fine art during her formative years. Emmpix has become really successful over recent years with the result that the painting took something of a backseat. However discovering a digital art program that replicates the real life experience using canvas and paint and a request from a friend for a picture of her traditional pony rekindled her passion for the medium. The digital process is an aid to Emma’s working methods and affords her the time to produce the finished product with the same level of enjoyment as using brushes. The working process begins with a photograph or selection of photographs and this becomes the outline of a drawing and from there the texture of the painting is formed with brushstrokes that Emma controls becoming more elaborate until the required depth is achieved. The size of the brush and thickness of the paint can be adjusted depending on the desired end product and can include watercolour and oil finishes. The outstanding quality of the finished product is down to Emma’s understanding of how a horse is put together and her meticulous eye for detail. Careful manipulation of the brushstrokes achieves the correct balance of bone structure and muscle definition necessary for natural effect. The pictures are not restricted to the horse, Emma has also received commissions for children and dogs.


Painting created using three seperate images.